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A message from the

                FOUNDER & CEO

        There is an African proverb that says “It takes a village
        to raise a child.” In other words, a child will thrive only
        if he or she lives surrounded by people who have a
        sense of community.

        We all have a village of one sort or another in our
        lives. Mine was populated with strangers–people who   leadership and creativity, and to celebrate the power
        extended their arms to donate a sample of blood to   to cure that is in each of us.
        save my life during my battle with leukemia. When
        I was well enough, I had the honor of shaking hands   I am equally honored to recognize CBRE, Inc. and the
        with these strangers while they waited in line to have   Saul and Theresa Esman Foundation as key members
        their samples taken, and the conversation was always   of our village, and appreciate the ongoing leadership,
        the same. I would thank them for helping to save my   guidance and support of Stephen Siegel and Murray
        life, and they would reply, “On the contrary, it is I who   Levin respectively.
        must thank you for giving me the opportunity.”
                                                      Finally, tonight’s beautiful gala would not be possible
        Ultimately, that village saved my life when a heroic   without the hard work of our chairs, Kimberlee and
        donor named Becky joined the registry. My public   Jason Ostheimer, Susan and Edward Blumenfeld, and
        search is what evolved into modern-day Gift of Life.   Wendy and Jonathan Mechanic; our honorary chairs
        But that was just the beginning of a new and larger   Wendy and Stephen Siegel; our Master of Ceremo-
        village; one that also includes financial supporters   nies, Jordan Klepper; and the great entertainment of
        who underwrite the cost of growing the registry and   Matthew Welling as he celebrates his 10 year trans-
        volunteers who give of their time to staff the 2,000+   plant anniversary!
        swab drives we hold each year. Without people like
        you, our registry would not exist.            On behalf of the thousands battling blood cancer,
                                                      thank you for joining our very special village. Together
        Tonight we recognize several members of our very   we can give the living gift of life.
        special village who have taken Gift of Life and its
        mission to new heights. Thanks to the vision and gen-  Sincerely,
        erosity of Shari Redstone, our inaugural “One Huge
        Day” online giving campaign was a huge success and
        paved the way for a new model of giving at Gift of Life.
        Shari’s ongoing support has also funded the addition
        of thousands of new donors to the registry, fostering   Jay Feinberg
        multiple donor matches and transplants, with many   Founder & Chief Executive Officer
        more to come. We are proud to recognize Shari’s   22 Year Transplant Recipient
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