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                Susan and Edward Blumenfeld                  Wendy and Stephen B. Siegel
                Wendy and Jonathan Mechanic
                Kimberlee and Jason Ostheimer

                                     GALA COMMITTEE

                 Robert Bakish and Viacom                Leslie Moonves and CBS Corporation
                 Kira and William A. Begal                         Chaim Motzen
                       Ellen S. Brody                      Meg Osman and Martin Levion
                 Rita and Charles Bronfman                   Laura and David Ostheimer

               Allison and Michael Chiaramonte              The Prince Family Foundation
                 Virginie and Mark Cohen                            Brett Ratner
               Drs. Helen and Stephen Colen                   Judy and Donald Rechler

                Mitzi and Warren Eisenberg                        Phyllis Redstone
                     The Galbut Family                              Sam Rosen
                       Histogenetics                            Adina and Ari Shrage
                       Robert Kraft                               Dr. Ruth Spector
          Bobby Dor-Kurzweil and Arthur Kurzweil              Tova and Howard Weiser

                     The Menin Family
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