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Celebrating 25 Years of Saving Lives
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wendy siegel
with the
Partners for Life Award
for her courage and dedication to pay it foward for others in need.
Be with us as Wendy meets her donor for the very first time!
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William Begal
Lauren and Jacques Blinbaum
Enid and Leonard Boxer
Evie Goldfine and Barry Breslau
Ellen Brody
Nezih Cereb, MD
Drs. Helen and Stephen Colen
Constructomics, LLC
Crescent Heights
Cindy and David Edelson
Joe Ehrman
Mitzi and Warren Eisenberg
Gertrude and Sol Englander
Yael and Ben Englander
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Meredith and Joel Gantcher
Amy and Frank Garrison
Jay A. Feinberg
Marjorie and Alan Grossman
Rachel Neumark Herlands
Jonathan Herlands
Linda and Dennis Herman
Gaye and Shelly Hoffman
Avi Karesh
Diane and Gary Katz
Bobby and Arthur Kurzweil
Laboratory Corporation of America
Lois Lautenberg
Tovah Feldshuh and Andrew H. Levy
Meg Osman and Martin Levion
Drs. Karen and Adam Lish
Marion and Dr. Jerome Lish
Mindy Schneider and Dr. Michael Lesser
Paula Masciulli
Elizabeth and Arthur Mirante
Chaim Motzen
Ellen and Marvin Ochs
Kim and Jason Ostheimer
The Prince Family Foundation
Judy and Donald Rechler
Sam Rosen
Bonnie and Mitchell Rudin
Jane Dresner Sadaka and Ned Sadaka
Adina and Ari Shrage
Dr. Ruthie Spector
Beth Rustin and Lee Stettner
Michael Stoler
Kent M. Swig
Patty Newburger and Brad Wechsler
Tova and Howard Weiser
William C. Dowling Jr. Foundation